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48-4421 MUSA PATCH U-LINK - Patch U-link Video HD MUSA, Brun Canford


MUSA U-link ny type for 1,5G og 3G HD paneler som feks 48-4352

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These are a completely new version of the MUSA U-link, re-designed for 3G and 1.5G high definition, standard definition and analogue video applications. The performance exceeds the requirements of SMPTE292M and SMPTE424M making them suitable for composite and component video, 270 Mb/s SDV and uncompressed 1080i or 1080p HD-SDI video up to 3Gb/s. Also suitable for unbalanced 75ohm AES digital audio. They are completely compatible with all older style silver MUSA patch panels but the high performance specification can only be guaranteed when they are used with Canford MUSA HD 3Gb/s 1080p patch panels. Constructed using a "U shaped" single piece gold-plated centre contact ensuring low insertion and reflection losses and long term reliability. The outer contact is nickel-plated giving a smooth mating action and overcoming the ´sticktion´ and tarnishing of the now obsolete silver MUSA. Colour coding is by means of inserts in the area visible at the rear of the body when the link is inserted in a panel. Moulded plastic inserts are available as a factory fitted option and are offered in ten different colours. These inserts are non-removable. For users who wish to select colours after U-links are installed or have the option of changing colours at a later stage, a customisable U-link is offered. Colour coding is achieved by inserting one of seven coloured paper designation strips into a recess in the grip. The strips can also be written on to identify channels. Each customisable U-ink is supplied complete with a pack of ident strips comprising a transparent plastic cover, plus two white and one black, red, blue, green, yellow and violet paper legend strips.


48-4352 MUSA PATCHPANEL 4 - Videopatch 3G HD, 4x24, 3U, MUSA, Canford

Videopatchepanel 4x24 for HD 3GBps Med den nye typen MUSA kontakter som er redesignet for 3G og 1,5G..

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