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CALMAN PROFESSIONAL - Kalibreringssoftware, Calman professional, Spectracal

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CalMAN 5 Control includes everything available in CalMAN 5 Basic, plus the following features:

A greatly extended range of meters and pattern sources.
An expanded range of workflows
Direct Display Control access to supported panels and projectors, via direct controls and interactive charts
Autocalibration of supported displays and processors - including gamma, grayscale, and now unprecedented color gamut autocalibration as well! 
The Meter Profile Editor
The Disc Player IR Editor

Since it was introduced six years ago, CalMAN has redefined the industry standard of video calibration software, making what was previously a highly technical undertaking into a guided, step-by-step process of following on-screen prompts to perform visually defined tasks. 

The result is a picture showing all the details, even those subtle gradations of near-black grays that may have been previously crushed together into a uniform dark mass on your uncalibrated display.  The goal is to ensure that you see a movie as close as you can to the way the director saw it in the reference screening room.   (Click here for more detail on the benefits of calibration.)

CalMAN 5 assumes no previous knowledge and contains nested levels of help and documentation.  That is, if you´re not interested in the theory, you don´t have to learn the theory.  But whenever you´d like to dig deeper, there´s a link in CalMAN that will take you to more information.

CalMAN 5 Control adds automation and power, allowing you to directly connect to the most popular video processors and displays, so that you don´t have to use the remote to hunt through on-screen displays for the control you need.

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