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CATCHBOX LITE-OR - CatchBOX Lite komplett trådløssett, Orange

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catchBOX - den kastbare mikrofonen for tilhører engasjement.
Komplett kit.

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Designet for mindre konferanser, workshops og forelesninger med inntil 100 tilhørere. Catchbox 2.4 er en komplett trådløs mikrofonløsning som virker over hele verden uten lisens.
Den er heldigital og har innebygget frekvenshopping noe som gjør at det bare er å slå på og bruke.
For større event bør CatchBOX Pro vurderes.

Digital, Interference free Audio

Using a digital signal instead of an analogue one, the Catchbox 2.4 completely avoids interference noises from other radio devices. This means no sudden loud static in the middle of your meeting. The encoded signal is also extremely difficult for outsiders to de-crypt, making it nearly impossible for someone to eavesdrop on your meeting or event.

Active AutoMute

With the Catchbox, there is no need to worry about unwanted sounds that might occur when throwing or dropping the mic. The Active Automute feature inside the Catchbox senses the motion of the device and temporarily switches off the audio when the Catchbox is caught, thrown,or dropped.

Global, License Free Use

Working in the 2.4GHz frequency band, the Catchbox 2.4 works anywhere in the world without a license. This differs from most wireless mics which usually only work regionally and can even require the user to purchase a separate yearly license from the government to be used legally.

Light and Soft

The Catchbox is made from a combination of durable foams and technical fabric, making it extremely light for its size as well as durable. This ensures that dropping and throwing the device won´t damage the electronics or the person catching.

Antenna Diversity

When it comes to antennas, 2 is often better than 1. With antenna diversity, the Catchbox 2.4 Receiver comes with two separate antennas and actively determines which antenna is receiving a better signal. This reduces the chance of a dropout occurring due to the transmitter signal not reaching the receiver.

Plug and Play

The Catchbox 2.4 is easy to setup and connects to any sound system. The microphone connects wirelessly to an external receiver which can be connected to a computer, a speaker, or a sound mixer using the different adapters provided with the product. (See "technical specifications" and "what included" for details)

Easy to Use

No more wondering whether the mic is on, or having audience members switch the mic off by accident. The Catchbox has no outside buttons and no blinking lights to distract and confuse the user. Instead, the only thing the audience needs to know is that you talk into the foam circle (x marks the spot). Easy.

Magnetic Locking

The Catchbox comes equipped with a unique magnetic locking mechanism which ensures that the inner capsule doesn´t pop out when the device is thrown. With a simple twist and pull motion, however, the user can remove the inner capsule to access the electronics and batteries inside.


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