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comprehensive end-to-end digital lab system designed to bring review, versioning, conform, primary color grading and deliverables all into one fast, intuitive application. 1st year maintenance/support INCLUDED. Requires: minimum  OSX 10.6.7,  nvidia or AMD SCRATCH supported Mac graphics.

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SCRATCH Lab is the ultimate production dailies workflow tool because it´s designed to be the fastest way to produce error-free dailies, while still delivering the power and flexibility to seamlessly deal with any of the last-minute challenges that a project can throw at you.

SCRATCH Lab is completely unique because it allows you to manage any number of cameras, shots and metadata- and organize it any way you like. By shot, by day, by camera, by reel ID.or whatever you like. SCRATCH Lab supports more native camera formats than anyone else, it features the most powerful audio sync capabilities, amazing timecode, burn-ins and metadata management, and wicked-fast background rendering.

And best of all, Lab has everything you need at a price you can actually afford. 

If you produce dailies in visual effects pipeline, SCRATCH Lab is the workflow tool for you. SCRATCH Lab is the industry´s only truly scalable dailies system designed to manage the massive numbers of shots, versions and plates required the complex VFX projects. With support for XML, HTML and SQL, Lab integrates seamlessly with any virtually database, as well as compositing systems such as The Foundry´s Nuke and Adobe´s After Effects. Featuring real-time playback of resolutions up to 5K and powerful automation capabilities, SCRATCH Lab puts everything you need into one fast, intuitive tool.


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