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AW-HEA10WEJ - Control Assist Camera for PTZ kameraer, hvit, Panasonic

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En ny revolusjonerende måte å styre PTZ-kameraer på: Dette vidvinklede kameraet utgør også en trådløs styringslink mellom en iPad og Panasonics PTZ-kameraer. Brukes sammen med AW-HE40/HE60/HE130 eller AW-UE70.

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The AW-HEA10 is a smart way of controlling remote cameras such as AWHE40,
AW-HE60 and AW-HE130. This "Control Assist Camera" allows to
control a remote camera by using an iPad and its touchscreen functions.
The AW-HEA10 offers a panoramic view of the scene thanks to its super
wide-angle (95° horizontal angle) and can be used at the same time as a
camera by using its HDMI output and as an image analysing tool that will
allow to control the main camera that is installed on top of it.
You have to download and install the free "PTZ CNTRL" app for iPad in order to use
it. It connects to the iPad using wireless and all operations are then available only by
touching the image on the iPad and thus makes the AW-HEA10 an excellent product
for "non-professional" users who need a very simple and intuitive way of controlling
the camera (education, corporate and government markets for example).
When shooting with the primary HE40 or HE130 PTZ camera, a super wide-angle
video image is simultaneously captured by the HEA10 and displayed on the tablet
screen. Tapping the desired area of the image on the tablet allows the user to move
the PTZ quickly and smoothly to capture the selected shot. Remote camera operation is thus significantly simplified and accelerated by allowing instant selection
of a new shooting angle, eliminating the need to manually zoom out and reposition
the camera. Up to 100 cameras can be registered and 9 presets / camera can be
stored and recalled.
When using traditional camera controllers, the operator may sometimes miss action
that happens outside the primary camera frame. With the tap-assist camera system,
these changes in the action can be previewed in the wide-angle tablet view, and
instantly responded to by simply tapping the tablet. Even when shooting rapidly
changing circumstances, nothing need be missed.
Zooming can be controlled via the familiar "pinching" motion, or via an on-screen
control. Up to nine pre-set main-camera shots can also be selected via dedicated onscreen
buttons. Because the primary HE40/HE60/HE130 camera can be controlled
using the HEA10´s wide-angle view as a reference, the PTZ can be operated even
when selecting a shot that can´t be viewed in the primary camera´s frame. This ability
makes the system especially effective for remote seminars, sports, medical
education, news, panel discussions and similar applications.
Please note that the complete solution includes either an HE130 or
HE40 camera, mounted on top of an HEA10 tap-assist module, plus an
optional tablet and network connection.


AW-HE130KEJ - PTZ -kamera, 1/3" Full HD 3MOS SDI, sort, Panasoni..

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AW-HE130WEJ - PTZ -kamera 1/3" Full HD 3MOS SDI Hvit, Panasonic

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