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8-124-0002 - One Man Crew, motorisert slider Redrock Micro


Motorisert slider med buet(parabolisk) bane, perfekt for 2 persons intervjuer. 92cm lang slider, medfølgende fjernkontroll med mulighet for justering av både hastighet og "ramp" gjør intervjuer til en lek. 

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The One Man Crew Director from Redrock is a 36" motorized parabolic slider that lets you add cinematic motion to your video without needing a dedicated operator. It builds upon the design of the original One Man Crew, adding a re-designed low noise drive system for quieter slides, and new machined aluminum rails for even smoother motion with loads weighing up to 22 pounds. The slider also features remote control functionality, letting you setup and control the slider from your mobile device using Redrock´s OMC Remote app. Additionally, the app can control camera start/stop recording when used with a compatible camera and optional remote cable. For a ready-to-use package, a Redrock Heavy Load Tilt Head is included along with an AC Adapter, D-Tap DC battery cable, a set of adapters for mounting the slider on light stands or c-stands, two cable wrangler clamps, and a padded carrying case.

Benefiting small or single-person crews, the One Man Crew Director is quick to set up and easy to use thanks to intuitive controls and laser-assisted subject placement. It is able to capture nearly every shot typically found in interviews, including wide master shots, "two shots", and closeups. In addition to interviews, the slider is also well-suited to product shots, b-roll inserts, time lapses, or any shot where you can use a tripod. It can used to operate the main camera, a B-camera for closeup shots and inserts.

Once setup and your subject is in focus, the StayFocus curved rail helps keep your subject stationary within the frame and in focus without the assistance of an operator. This is particular important when using the OMC Remote app on your mobile device to control. With the ability to quickly reset the slider for your next interview question and adjust the speed on-the-fly to match the pacing of the interview, the app is an invaluable tool for single-person crews. You can even use gesture control on your mobile device to control the slider without ever having to take your eyes off of your subject.

Key Features
  • Suitable for corporate, documentary, interviews, and product / tabletop photography
  • 36" long track
  • Supports loads up to 22 lbs
  • Instant setup with self-contained unit and laser alignment assist
  • Patent-pending parabolic motion with StayFocus rail keeps subject in focus and stationary within the frame without a dedicator operator
  • Smooth controlled movements with speed control and speed ramp down and up when changing directions
  • Speed control using wheel on device itself or remotely using OMC Remote app
  • OMC Remote app for mobile devices to remotely control the One Man Crew Director
  • Interview, dolly slow, dolly fast, and time lapse modes
  • Remotely start/stop camera (with compatible camera and appropriate optional camera cable)
  • Rubberized corner feet for tabletop or ground use
  • Bubble level
  • Integrated soft carry handle
  • Includes Redrock Heavy Load Tilt Head, AC Adapter, D-Tap DC battery cable, one set of adapters for mounting the slider on light stands or c-stands, and a padded carrying case.

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