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95-00487 - Capture Card, Dual with SimulStream, Osprey 827e

Combine the legacy of Osprey with the Swiss heritage of Variosystems and you get a video capture car..

95-00488 - Capture Card, Osprey 821e Dual innput HDMI with Si..

4-Lane PCIe Video Capture CardDual HDMI Input & 8-Ch Embedded AudioUp to 1080p60 Video (Non-HDCP..

96-01226 - Streamingenhet, Niagara 7550, HD/SD-SDI, ViewCast

ViewCast Niagara 7550 HD Streaming Media System is a powerful streaming system which simplifies..

96-01260 - Streamingenhet, Niagara 4100, HD/SD-SDI, ViewCast

Stream live fra nesten alle tenkelige steder. Til flere formater samtidig. Robust, portabel og kraft..

96-01277 - Streamingsystem, Niagara 2200, Composite, Componen..

1 Channel Composite / S-Video / Component with Analog Audio Input / Multiple Codecs Available for Ou..

96-01287 - Streamingenhet, Niagara 9100-2IP, ViewCast

The Niagara® 9100-2IP is a high-performing transcoder platform for service providers, broadcasters, ..

96-02010 - Encoder Talon G1, H264, 2:2 eller 1:3, Osprey

H.264 Encoder for streaming fra HDMI/SDI /analogue/audio.Samtidig streaming og arkivering til U..

96-02020 - Streaming Decoder Talon G1, Osprey

H.264 Contribution Decoder for HDMI/SDI /analogue/audio to IP-streaming

ANT-32000A - Encoder/decoder HDMI& Composite, 1080p30, Antrica

The ANT-32000 is a High Definition H.264 video and audio CODEC that can be used in several ways. Off..

AW-AIR220 - Air220 streamingenhet 2x4G, 2xUSB, int.batt, AVIWE..

4 x Embedded Modems,2 x RJ45, 2 USB slots, built-in Wifi4 x High gain customs antennas1x kontakt for..

AW-DP100 - DMNG PRO100 streamingenhet AVIWEST

PRO100 er en liten portabel men kraftig streamingenhet for streaming over LAN/WAN og satellitt (BGAN..

AW-DP110 - DMNG PRO110 streamingenhet 3G/4G AVIWEST

10x USB interfaces for up to 10 x 3G/4G USB Modems

AW-DP140LIGHT - DMNG PRO140 streamingenhet 2x interne 3G/4G modem,..

2 x Embedded Modems,2 x RJ45, 2 USB slots, built-in Wifi2 x High gain customs antennas

AW-DP140RA - DMNG PRO140 streamingenhet 3G/4G, 4x ekstern ant, ..

4 x Embedded Modems,2 x RJ45, 2 USB slots, built-in Wifi4 x High gain customs antennas1x kontakt for..

AW-DP180 - DMNG PRO180 streamingenhet 3G/4G, AVIWEST

8 x Embedded Modems (3G/4G)2 x RJ45, 2 USB slots, built-in Wifi8 x High gain customs antennas

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