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Videokamera tilbehør

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SH-L35WBP - LCD Hood Sony

This hood is designed to be used when you want to improve the visibility of the LCD monitor of the H..

SHA-BM4KHH - Cage for MBCC, med Top Handle og 4 Rods, Shape

Kameracage med håndtak på venstre side.Spesialdesignet for BlackMagic Ciinema Camea.

SHA-BMCCHH - Cage for MBCC, med Top Handle og 4 Rods, Shape

Kameracage spesialdesignet for BlackMagic Ciinema Camea.

SHA-CARH - Canon 18-80 Remote Extension Handle, Shape

SHA-FS7TP - FS7 Top Plate, Shape

SHA-RHV2 - FS7 II Remote Extension Handle Kit, Shape

SHAN-TM700 - Tripod mount plate, Panasonic

Hurtigplate for ENG type kamera, passer de fleste store kamera fra Panasonic, Sony og JVC.

SK-RCP - Remote control panel (RCP) for Blackmagic, Skaarho..

CCU control of Blackmagic Design cameras has been notoriously difficult through software only. We ha..

SK-RCPV2 - Remote Control Panel v2 (RCPv2) for Blackmagic, Sk..

SLC100 - SpyderLenscal, justeringsverktøy for autofokus, D..

SpyderLensCal gir deg en rask og pålitelig metode for å måle fokuseringsytelsen ti..

SM38 - Camera Shoe Mount to 3/8" Adaptor, DVTEC

SMAD-P2 - Sko adapter for URX-P2, Sony

Shoe Mount Adaptor for URX-P2 to fit the camcorder

SMBS14 - Camera Shoe Mount Base w/ 1/4" Screw, DVTEC

SU-15 - Shoulder support unit for C700, Canon

TA-100 - Tripodadapter for EOS Cxxx serien kamera, Canon

Canon has created an advanced tripod adaptor, the TA-100 that requires only a simple, one-touch oper..