Videokamera tilbehør

Videokamera tilbehør

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SMAD-P2 - Sko adapter for URX-P2, Sony

Shoe Mount Adaptor for URX-P2 to fit the camcorder

SMBS14 - Camera Shoe Mount Base w/ 1/4" Screw, DVTEC

SU-15 - Shoulder support unit for C700, Canon

TA-100 - Tripodadapter for EOS Cxxx serien kamera, Canon

Canon has created an advanced tripod adaptor, the TA-100 that requires only a simple, one-touch oper..

TA3FX - miniXLR kontakt, 3 pin Female, Switchcraft

TCB-03 - Kamerabrakett for Master eller Tx, Timecode Buddy

Brakett for enkelt feste av Master eller Tx til kamera eller lignende.

TCB-05+.CE - Tidskode, sender/mottaker, MINI TRX-Pluss, Timecod..

Multichannel digital transceiver with four modes for complete flexibility. Choose from Internal Time..

TCB-10 - Kabel, T/C or Genlock in/out, Timecode Buddy

Timecode / Genlock In/Out Cable from Timecode Systems is designed for use with the Ti..

TCB-11 - Kabel, SD552 T/C IN (TA3(F) -> BNC (RA), Timecode ..

5-Pin LEMO to XLR (F) Standard Input Cable from Timecode Systems is specifically desi..

TCB-12 - Kabel, 788T/C IN (Lemo5 -> BNC (RA), Timecode Budd..

Denne 5-Pin Lemo til BNC (vinklet) T/C Inn kablelen er anbefalt for bruk sammen med Sound Devices 78..

TCB-13 - Kabel, 788T T/C OUT (Lemo5 -> BNC (RA) Timecode Bu..

TCB-14 - Kabel, HiRose PWR-TCB Lemo PWR in, Timecode Buddy

Hirose Power til 5-pin LEMO Power inLengde 45cm

TCB-15 - Kabel, HiRose PWR-HiRose PWR , Timecode Buddy

Kabel med Hirose HR10A kontakt i begge ender.Lengde 45cm.

TCB-16 - Kabel, Hirose PWR-D-Tap cameraPWR, Timecode Buddy

Powerkabel fra D-Tap til Hirose 4pin hann.Lengde 50cm.

TCB-17 - Batteriboks med bryter for Buddy:tx, 9V, Timecode

Batteriboks med bryter for strømforsyning av TimeCode buddy tx, Tilkobling med Hirose 4pin Fo..