Videokamera tilbehør

Videokamera tilbehør

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VW-AD21E-K - Batterilader/AC adapter, Panasonic

VZ-EFC-2U - Fokus-kontroller for Canon, Fujinon og DSLR, VariZ..

VZ-FC-C - Fokus-kontroller til Canon,Fujinon, VariZoom

VZ-FC-U - Fokus-kontroller til Sony EX, VariZoom

VZ-FGBF - Fokus-kontroller Fujinon gear for VZ-FC-C, VariZoo..

VZ-PRO-EX - Zoom-kontroller til Sony EX, VariZoom

Varizoom Professional Control for Sony PMW-200/EX1&3 Camcorders with8 PIN Jack

VZ-PRO-F - Zoom og fokus linsekontroll kit til Fujinon, VariZ..

Varizoom Professional Control for Fujinon 8 PIN lenses

VZ-SROCKEX-R - Fokus-kontroll med baseplate og rods til Sony EX, ..

WC-175100 - LCD/EVF kabel for RED Epic/Scarlet, Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera Right Angle to Straight LCD/EVF Cable for RED Epic/Scarlet (18")Connects Epic/Scarlet ..

WC-217300 - Blackmagic EVF Modification Kit, Wooden Camera

WC-218800 - Sun Shade LCD (6 to 7 Inch) Wooden Camera

X-2342-570-5 - Mikrofonholder for HVR-Z7E; PMW-200, PMW-300 etc.

Komplett mikrofonholder for HVR-Z7E; PMW-200, PMW-150, PMW-300erstatter varenummer X-2187-986-1 og X..

X-2515-772-1 - Mikrofongrill for HXR-NX5, Sony

Komplett mikrofonholder for HVR-Z7E erstatter varenummer X-2187-986-1 og X-2342-570-4

XDCA-53 - HD Camera Adaptor for PMW-EX3 Sony

The XDCA-53 is used with PMW-EX3 camcorders, and attaches with its supplied bracket to VCT-SP2BP, an..

XDCA-55 - HD Camera Adaptor for PMW-350/320 Sony

The XDCA-55 docks to PMW-350 and PMW-320 camcorders* via an optional CBK-CB01 50-pin connector. Than..