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Rycote RYC037306 SFT CCA SH Shockmount for kameramik feste 19/20mm

Varenummer: 508243
Produktnummer: RYC037306
EAN: 5060223651484
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InVision Softie Lyre Mount CCA 

The Softie Lyre Mount with Camera Clamp Adaptor (CCA) allows you to attach a shotgun or rifle microphone to camcorders fitted with a microphone clamp (25 to 27mm diameter) or a boom pole with 3/8" thread.

The clip is designed to hold shotgun microphones from 19 to 25mm in diameter, included the slab sided Sennheiser MKH range. A "Soft feel" grip is moulded into the clip, to prevent the microphone twisting or slipping.

Suitable for many Sony & Canon models, the Softie Lyre Mount uses the patented Lyre technology and provides excellent isolation against lens motor noise and general handling noise. 

For customers requiring an on-camera mount, by either hot shoe or ¼” thread, please see our InVision Video range which uses an identical Lyre mount. 

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