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Cartoni APTZ006 Kontroller Programvare for Lifto25

Varenummer: 514312
Produktnummer: APTZ006
EAN: 4260725674023
inkl. mva.

Programvare for å kontrollere LIFTO 25 med markedsledende PTZ-kameraer. Krever at LIFTO 25 har dedikert kontrollmodul.

Lifto 25 Control Software

To bring the Lifto 25 to the next professional stage for automation we have created a customized control system communicating via Ethernet.
The control acts through the Ethernet wiring existing in the Studio, the software is easily loaded in any connected computer with windows OS. Via the new Controller, the Lifto 25 will be connected to the automation system of the PTZ without distance limitation. 
The controller is compatible with most of the high end PTZ from Panasonic, Canon and Sony.
Operations can be performed by the PTZ controller (Panasonic, Skaarhoj) itself or conveyed to a footswitch or any game pad via USB.
Compatible with the dedicated Lifto 25 Control Module.

Kompatible kameraer (Per Mars 2024):

PTZ-Kameraer Kontroller
Panasonic Sony JVC Canon Panasonic
AW-HE40/HN40/HN38 SRG-X400 KY-PZ400 CR-N500 AW-RP50
AW-HE50 BRC-H800   CR-N300 AW-RP120
AW-UE70/UN70 BRC-X1000   CR-N700 AW-RP150
AW-HE120 FR7-VISCA     AW-RP60


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