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Blackmagic Cable Micro Cinema Camera

Varenummer: 502541
EAN: 9338716003819
inkl. mva.

Camera to 9-Connector Breakout Cable

12-30 VDC Power Input, Reference, LANC

Futaba J Connector: 1 Digital / 4 Analog

Composite Video Output

The Expansion Cable for Micro Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design enables you to add a variety of functions to your camera. Connect this DB-HD15 based cable to the back of your camera to link to a power input, reference, LANC, Futuba J analog/digital servo controls, and composite video output.
Kabel Spesifikasjoner
Kabeltype Audio / Lyd
Kontakt 1 DB-HD15
Kontakt 2 Multi / Blekksprut
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