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Cartoni HM3000 Videohode Master 30 150mm Flat Mitchell 30 kg

Varenummer: 502615
Produktnummer: CAR-HM3000
EAN: 4260725670643
inkl. mva.

Videohode for studiokameraer som også tåler teleprompter. Totalvekt opp til 40 kg med lavt gravitasjonssenter. Med Mitchell base og kompatibel med 150mm skål med adapter.

In Broadcast and Studio configuration the new CARTONI Master 30 head covers the needs of sophisticated video shooters from 3 kg to 30 kg. With a low center of gravity configuration such as with Teleprompter, Master 30 holds 40 kg. An exceptional new fluid module in both pan and tilt modes ensures smooth movements, with perfect starts and stops, the drag system allows a wide variety from almost freewheeling in fast action movements to maximum resistance for perfect long focal shoots. Counterbalance performs perfect balance at any angle from 0 to +/- 90 degrees. All operating knobs and levers are conveniently located and easy to reach with a special care for ergonomics. The head comes equipped with a telescopic pan bar, illuminated spirit level and digital readouts for drag control and counterbalance settings. With the classic Mitchell base the Master 30 interfaces with all flat base Mitchell tripods and platforms. Optional 150mm bowl base adapter can be easily applied.
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