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Cuescript EMCP17M Promptermonitor 17"

Varenummer: 503824
Produktnummer: EMCP17M
inkl. mva.

With the same CueScript principles of style, quality and ease of setup, the EMC’s are a simplified version of our high end CSM monitor range. With excellent image and scroll quality, the EMC monitor is the only middle market prompter with the level of features and quality needed for a mission critical product.

17" EMC Medium Prompter System Package: 17" EMC Prompter Monitor (EMC17), with Medium Hood (CSHM) & Mount Purple (CSMPL). Includes Medium Glass & 12v external power supply. Inputs: BNC Composite, HDMI, VGA, DVI.


Prompter type Kamera
Talentmonitor Nei
Størrelse 17.0 tommer
Tilkobling Composite, HDMI, NDI, VGA
Min side