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Datavideo HS-2200 6 Inp HD Videomx W Intercom & Cg In Case

Varenummer: 504747
Produktnummer: HS-2200
EAN: 672255002711
inkl. mva.

Cost-effective and portable. Perfect for productions using multiple IMAG screens The HS-2200 comes with 6 configurable SDI video outputs. Ideal for live production venues, religious worship, meetings or conference purposes. It's perfect for sending video to multiple IMAG screens or display monitors. 6 inputs, 6 outputs. Support for medium to large productions. With 6 HDMI and SDI inputs, the HS-2200 has convenient support for most cameras and video input devices, like computers. Coupled with 6 outputs, the HS-2200 is an affordable choice for supporting large productions. Build in Intercom System Built in 8 Channel Intercom/Talkback system (4 x belt packs supplied). 17.3'' LED Backlit Monitor Built-in Monitor Display. 17.3'' HD TFT LED backlit monitor with resolution 1600x900 pix. Dual PIP and a built-in title creator system Works with Datavideo CG systems, PowerPoint and other graphics programs perfectly. Professional 10-bit processing switcher Providing you the best and professional quality of video processing. Real-time clock featuring HH:MM:SS on the multi-screen Count down counter MM:SS. In the box: 1 x HS-2200 Unit 1 x AD Switch DC 12V with AC Cord 1 x CB-41 / XLR to XLR Cable 4 x CB-3 / XLR cable 1 x USB Light 1 x Goose neck MIC 4 x Headphone Microphone 4 x ITC-100SL 4 x Tally light 4 x Velcro
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