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AIDA GCON-HDMI Genlock HDMI Konverter

Varenummer: 504182
Produktnummer: GCON-HDMI
EAN: 0697691536385
inkl. mva.

GCON-HDMI lar deg synkronisere en HDMI kilde med et genlock-signal og få synkronisert HDMI og 3G-SDI ut

Source Genlock Converter

Is video synchronization invaluable to your video production? But having to use non-genlock gear such as a camcorders, action cams and other video source is impossible. Make the impossible possible with the GCON converters, available in variance of HDMI (GCON-HDMI) and SDI (GCON-SDI) enables engineering to convert video sources to Genlock sources. Other features includes adjustable V and H sync phases for more accurate pulse timing and built-in pattern generator making the GCON converters ideal for professional VR filmmaking, 360 video productions, broadcast and video test laboratories.

Main Features

- HDMI up to 1080p60 full HD Resolution Input
- Simultaneous SDI and HDMI Loop Output
- Highly compatible with Tri Level reference input SMPTE 292M & 424M Compliant and multi-video format including 59.94Hz
- SMPTE 352M Ancillary Data supported
- Embedded audio pass through via SDI & HDMI
- Adjustable V-sync & H-sync phases
- Divisional picture comparison
- Built in Pattern Generator
- Built in LCD menu screen
- Built in menu control button
- Versatile, compact, and rugged design

UNSPSC 45111800
AIDA GCON-SDI Genlock SDI Konverter

GCON-SDI lar deg synkronisere en 3G-SDI-kilde med et genlock-signal og få synkronisert 3G-SDI og HDMI ut

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