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Haivision HWO-OT-BAT Batteri for Air2/3xx-serien sendere

Varenummer: 501782
Produktnummer: HWO-OT-BAT
inkl. mva.

Driftsbatteri for AIr-serien sendere, gir ca to timer driftstid

Internt batteri for Air-serien sendere fra Aviwest/Haivision. 


Standard lithium battery pack RRC2054 (4S1P)
with 14.40V / ≥3.40Ah / ≥48.96Wh

  • Worldwide approvals and certification of safety standards
  • No development costs, fast time-to-market
  • Smart batteries with numerous features according to the SMBus specification
  • Integrated LED State of Charge (SoC) indicator
  • State-of-the-art lithium-ion cells (4S1P) with the market’s highest energy density
  • High discharge performance
  • JEITA charging profile optimization
  • Numerous and redundant safety features
  • Battery Life Management: protection against rapid cell ageing
  • Increased ESD protection up to 8.00kV
  • Up to 80% of initial capacity after 800 cycles


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