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AIDA HD-NDI-MINI POV Sylinderkamera

Varenummer: 511225
Produktnummer: HD-NDI-200
EAN: 0686091739823
inkl. mva.

Point of View "lipstick" kamera med NDI|HX2 og SRT og IP67 rating

It really doesn’t get any smaller then this. Introducing the most discreet, NDI|HX camera AIDA has to offer. With its weatherproof barrel design, the HD-NDI-MINI is well protected against dust and moisture. Packed with a progressive CMOS sensor, this little camera can output 1080 60p video through your standard IP protocols, SRT, and most importantly, NDI|HX. With a tripod mount located on the bottom of the camera, there is no place the MINI can’t go.

Pucker up, its showtime!

Main Features:

- Full-HD 1/3” Progressive Scan CMOS sensor capable of 1080 60p NDI®|HX Video.
- Accessible Web UI to stream directly to social media platforms and control image parameters over IP.
- Compact design used for discreet, hard to reach POV shots unobtainable by larger cameras.
- M12 type lens for an even smaller form factor
- Weatherproof rating allows for extra protection against environmental elements.
- Barrel design for better weatherproofing and fitment.
- Perfectly suited for outdoor shots any new or existing NDI®|HX setup.

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