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Varenummer: 513006
Produktnummer: HD-NDI-VF
EAN: 0783970764898
inkl. mva.

Point of View kamera med værbestandig kapsling, varifokal objektiv og NDI|HX, SRT og andre streaming formater

NDI®|HX Compatible FHD POV Camera with Varifocal Lens

The HD-NDI-VF is sorta like the big brother of the HD-NDI-IP67. They are both courageous, and adventurous where they go. However, sometimes older brothers know what’s best. The HD-NDI-VF showcases a beautifully crafted IP54 rated lens, which can adjust both the zoom, and focus. That way, you can get that perfect shot you need, regardless of the position. With great versatility, comes great power, and we all know that great power comes with great responsibility. So leave it up to the HD-NDI-VF to get that shot wherever it is, when you need it most.

Main Features

- Full-HD 1/3” Progressive Scan CMOS sensor capable of 1080 60p NDI®|HX Video.
- Accessible Web UI to stream directly to social media platforms and control image parameters over IP.
- Versatile design with top and bottom tripod mounts for uniques shot creation.
- PoE+ adaptable with adapter (comes with purchase of the camera)
- Custom IP54 rated Varifocal lens providing a FOV of 120° wide, and 36° tele to help get that perfect shot.
- Weatherproof rating allows for extra protection against enviromental elements
- Small form-factor and rugged designed makes all video streaming applications possible
- Perfectly suited for outdoor shots any new or existing NDI®|HX setup.

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