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Hollyland Tallykit Converter

Varenummer: 508943
Produktnummer: TALLYKIT
EAN: 6970758740128
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Interface for Tally innganger på Mars T1000

The TALLY signal universal converter is used for interconnecting wireless HD video transmission system or wireless intercom system with mainstream switchers.

It can receive TALLY signals from the switching station, and display them visually on cameras, playback equipment and monitors through indicator lights. By doing that, all staff can know which camera source is being used and which camera should get ready for being played next, and can receive instructions from the switcher correctly and timely for higher work efficiency.

Key features

  • Support DB25 TALLY Input and 8-Channel TALLY Input
  • Support USB Power Supply, Communication and Upgrade
  • LED Lights Display the Status of Each Control Signal
  • Stable & Reliable Industrial Metal Case
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