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Black Box IC408A-R2 USB 2.0 Forlenger

Varenummer: 512537
Produktnummer: IC408A-R2
inkl. mva.

USB Extender med 4 porter for USB2.0 over et IP-nettverk eller direkte over KAT5e/6/7 inntil 100m

Key Features:
- Great for extending USB keyboard, interactive whiteboard, or storage device signals.
- Flexible! Extend over either an Ethernet LAN or a direct CATx cable connection.
- Transmits up to 100 m over CATx or between network switches.
- Includes a local unit and remote unit with four USB 2.0 ports.
- Enables switching of local and remote extender pairs on the fly.
- Supports multiple 1:1 networked configurations.
- Extends USB signals at speeds up to 480 Mbps.
- Supports up to 2.4 A total among the ports, but 1A max per port.
- Plug and play. No drivers to install on your computer.
- Works with Windows®, Mac® OS X®, and Linux® systems.
- Garanti: 2 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

Extend USB signals for up to four devices as far as 100 m over a non-networked CAT5e connection or over your Ethernet LAN.

The USB Ultimate Network or Direct Connect Extender uses inexpensive UTP cable you may already have installed in your building or your existing LAN architecture for easy, cost-effective USB extension.

It’s ideal for USB keyboard and mouse extension and sensor/data acquisition applications. Plus it's great for connecting to whiteboards in classrooms located beyond the maximum USB bus distance.

Or use the extender to bridge the gap between a computer CPU or server and USB flash drives, scanners, and printers in other rooms, as well as for connecting USB monitoring cameras or USB touchscreens used for interactive digital signage.

The extender offers reliable operation with all USB 2.0 and 1.1 peripheral devices, including USB hubs. The local unit and the four-port remote unit receive their power from the included AC adapters, and the local unit supplies 600-mA power over the link to each USB port on the remote unit.

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