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Black Box LFP411 Multimode SFP Transceiver

Varenummer: 512810
Produktnummer: LFP411
inkl. mva.

SFP Transceiver 1.25Gb 850nm Multimode Fiber 550m LC

Modular flexible optical transceivers for data communications equipment.

- This Optical Transceiver (SFP) enables you to adapt an SFP slot to a Gigabit fiber interface.
- Transparent to data, this SFP is compatible with Ethernet, ATM, Fibre Channel, and more.
- Support for throughput up to 1250 Mbps
- Reports basic link characteristics such as SFP type, length of fiber link, wavelength, and bit rate.
- Extended diagnostics report information such as temperature, TX and RX power, voltage, and bias current.
- Hot-pluggable interface enables you to change SFPs on the fly when your network requirements change.
- Supports an extended operating temperature of -40° to +85°C.
- Ideal for use with high-speed applications such as 1000-Mbps Ethernet.
- Compatible with SFP slots on most network devices. For details, contact our FREE Tech Support.
- Warranty: 1 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

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