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Focusrite Rednet 16R MKII Analogt Lydkort for Dante

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Produktnummer: MONF0017EU
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RedNet A16R MkII er et 16-kanalers anlogt I/O-kort for Dante® nettverk, med to kanaler AES3 I/O. Presisjons AD og DA konvertere gir 119 dB dynamikk-rang fra 20Hz - 20kHz.

Rednet A16R MKII Analogt Lydkort for Dante

RedNet A16R MKII is a 16-channel analogue Interface for Dante networks, with two channels of AES3 I/O. Individual input and output channel level controls allow for precise adjustment of all I/O levels using RedNet Control. With two power supplies and primary and secondary etherCON network connectors, RedNet A16R MKII is perfect for critical-path applications in recording, post-production, live sound and broadcast. Built-in redundancy features allow for silent fail-over in the event of power or network outage, providing reassurance for system technicians.

Analogue inputs and outputs are connected through four rear-panel AES59-configured DB25 connectors, while an additional pair of AES3 I/O is provided through male and female XLR for added flexibility. The XLR input can accept DARS signals in addition to AES3. Word Clock I/O on BNC connectors allows external devices to clock to RedNet A16R MKII, or alternatively allows RedNet A16R MKII to act as a network clock grand master, synchronised to external input. RedNet A16R MKII is well suited to permanent installation and repeated strike and setup: all connectors lock and remain terminated even under stress, providing worry-free installation and peace of mind once situated in a rack. In addition, all Focusrite products come with a three-year warranty and award-winning customer support.

Key Features:

- 16-channel bi-directional analogue interface for Dante networks, with additional two-channel AES3 I/O.
- Precision A-D and D-A conversion with 119dB dynamic range, flat from 20Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 0.15dB).
- Individual input/output channel level control using RedNet Control software.
- Dual PSUs with locking IEC inlets.
- Dual locking etherCON connectors for Primary and Secondary network connections.
- Power supply and ethernet redundancy with auto switchover in case of failure.
- Front-panel LED indicators for PSU, network, sample rate, signal present and clock source status.
- Sample rate conversion on the AES3 inputs allows external equipment to run at any sample rate.
- Analogue I/O on four AES59 standard DB25 connectors.
- Digital I/O on a pair of XLR connectors (AES3).
- Rear panel XLR connector can either be used as a DARS input or as a traditional AES3 audio input.
- BNC connectors for Word Clock input and output.
- Compact 1U chassis allows maximum functionality in minimum rack space.
- AES67 and AES70 compliant.
- SMPTE ST 2110 compliant when used with Dante Domain Manager (sold separately).
- Full operability with Focusrite RedNet and Red interfaces, plus all Dante devices from hundreds of manufacturers.
- Remote control with RedNet Control, and route via Dante Control.

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