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Panasonic AT-KC20M1 SDI Opsjonskort for Kairos G2

Varenummer: 514455
Produktnummer: AT-KC20M1
inkl. mva.

SDI inn/utgangskort for Kairos Core 200/2000

SDI (micro BNC) input/output is possible by installing the AT-KC20M1 SDI I/O Board*1 in a slot on the back of the Kairos Core 200/2000 mainframe, enabling 8 inputs/4 outputs and Ref In/Out on a single board. Up to four boards*2 can be installed in one Kairos Core 200/2000 mainframe for a maximum 32 inputs/16 outputs (HD/FHD) *3. Consult with your Panasonic dealer about SDI I/O board AT-KC20M1 installation.

  • *1: Scheduled to be released in FY2023 4Q. Compatible with AT-KC200, AT-KC2000 and AT-KC2000S1. Requires KAIROS Software V1.6 or later.
  • *2: Up to two boards in AT-KC2000S1.
  • *3: An maximum 16 inputs/8 outputs for 4K.

SDI Inputs and Outputs of Kairos Core 200/2000

  AT-KC200 AT-KC2000 AT-KC2000S1
Maximum SDI boards mount Max. 4 units Max. 4 units Max. 2 units
HD/FHD Maximum I/O 32 in x 16 out 32 in x 16 out 16 in x 8 out
4K Maximum I/O 16 in x 8 out 16 in x 8 out 8 in x 4 out




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