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Panasonic AW-UE80KE 4K PTZ Kamera 24x Zoom Sort

Varenummer: 501854
Produktnummer: AW-UE80KEJ
EAN: 5025232924011
inkl. mva.

4K UHD PTZ-kamera med 1/2.5" 4K MOS sensor. 3G-SDI og HDMI, samt Full NDI (FHD), NDI|HX 2 (FHD) og SRT over IP.

The AW-UE80 has a newly-designed and compact body with a weight of only 2.0kg, which makes it very easy to handle and to install in any kind of setting, especially when positioning the camera on trusses or ceilings.

The AW-UE80 has been designed to support the following markets:
- Fixed-rig/factual programming
- Rental and staging
- Esports
- Broadcast and mixed reality studio environments
- Parliaments and theatres
- Higher education
- Corporate installs
Single-cable solution
The AW-UE80 offers PoE++ support for camera power, control and video transmission over a single cable.

Direct drive system
The AW-UE80 features the direct drive system based on Panasonic’s own technology for quiet and smooth vertical and horizontal direction, with a reduced operating sound of NC25 or lower. Direct drive also opens up more opportunities for PTZ operation including faster, precise movement and with higher accuracy in preset positioning – making it Panasonic’s fastest, quietest and most accurate PTZ yet.

Upgraded 4K sensor
The AW-UE80 features a new 1/2.5-type 4K MOS sensor that produces stunning UHD video with true 4K resolution of 1,500 TV lines in UHD. The UE80 supports 3G SDI, HDMI and IP which makes it an ideal option for using within existing HD or 4K workflows thanks to its simultaneous video output feature.

Wide-Angle Lens
The AW-UE80 introduces a new wide-angle lens with a 74.1° field of view and a 24x optical zoom, enabling a wide area to be shot from a limited installation space, in addition to maintaining high image quality at high zoom ratios. This allows shooting in large indoor spaces. Intelligent zoom extends its capabilities to 28x in UHD and 36x in Full-HD.

Optical Zoom and Image Stabilisation
Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) have been added to the unit to ensure smooth pan-tilt movement when in busier environments or moving or be placed onto a robotic system for example.

New Processor
The AW-UE80 includes a new powerful chipset platform, making the PTZ incredibly responsive and capable of increased video processing tasks for higher image quality and lower latency output.

4K & HD Analogue Outputs
The AW-UE80 supports up to 4K 50p/60p video at 3840 x 2160 to provide professional and high-quality shooting of moving images, as well as a wide variety of output interfaces such as 3G-SDI, HDMI, and IP – which can be activated simultaneously for HD and 4K workflows.

New NDI, SRT & IP Outputs
There is also a wide variety of IP transmission protocols available out of the box, including NDI*1, NDI|HX version 2, and SRT*2. High bandwidth NDI can transmit full HD video up to 100 Mbps. The AW-UE80 also offers high-efficiency, low bandwidth NDI|HX version 2 to enable video transmission at low bitrates. In both cases, only one single LAN cable is needed. Secure Reliable Transport (SRT*2) is also supported to maintain stability while transmitting high-quality video, even in unstable network environments and allows video distribution over public internet in a secure and reliable way. SRT offers encryption and as lost packets are automatically detected and resent. RTMP/RTMPS*4 provides direct streaming to live broadcasting services such as YouTube Live and Facebook Live from the camera directly.

FreeD Support for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
Like the AW-UE150 and AW-UE100, the AW-UE80 includes FreeD*5 support to enable connection with AR/VR*6 systems. FreeD*5 allows the camera tracking information (pan/tilt/zoom/focus/iris) to be output together with a synchronisation signal to easily build systems without an encoder.

New Web Interface & Simplified Workflows
A brand new web interface has been introduced for professional operators working within darker environments to easily navigate the advanced GUI for operators.
Panasonic offers an entire ecosystem of solutions to enable the new PTZ cameras to be smoothly introduced into existing camera systems. This includes use with its remote camera controllers, PTZ Control Center centralised control software, and its automatic tracking software for presentations and lectures, enabled by face recognition and human body detection.

*1: NDI: High bandwidth NDI
*2: SRT: Secure Reliable Transport
*3: NDI|HX: High effciency low bandwidth NDI|HX.
*4: RTMP: Real-Time Messaging Protocol, RTMPS: Real-Time Messaging Protocol Secure
*5: FreeD is a protocol widely used in virtual studio systems for transmitting camera tracking information.
*6: AR: Augmented Reality, VR: Virtual Reality

Panasonic AW-UE80WE 4K PTZ Kamera 24x Zoom Hvit

4K UHD PTZ-kamera med 1/2.5" 4K MOS sensor. 3G-SDI og HDMI, samt Full NDI (FHD), NDI|HX 2 (FHD) og SRT over IP.

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