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Sony PDV-96HD DVCAM / HDV kassett 96 minutter Large

Varenummer: 513271
Produktnummer: PDV-96HD
inkl. mva.

Sony’s DVCAM for HDV Tape was redesigned by their hardware and media engineers, to enhance recording media. This provides a highly durable DVCAM format videotape specifically designed for professional HDV recording.

Targeted specifically toward everyday HD video applications and ideal fordailies, stringer projects or postproduction, the DVCAM for HDVtape offers extremely low error and drop-out rates, high durability andsuperb image quality. Offering the same tolerance and dependability of DVCAM tape, the DVCAM for HDV tape is the reliable media option for HDtape-based productions – at the same price point as DVCAM, giving shootersan affordable, high quality option for everyday HDV recording, whilecontinuing to satisfy the defacto standard of DVCAM recording.

Format :    DVCAM or HDV/DV
Recording Time :
64 min (for DVCAM)
96 min (for HDV)

Specifications :
ackcoating thickness: 0.5 um
Base thickness: 6.3 um
Intrinsic coercivity: 115.0 (kA/m)
Recording / Playing Time: 96 mins
Retentivity: 525 (mT)
Squareness: 0.78 (Br/Bm)
Tape Length: 112 m
Tape Thickness: 7.0 um
Tape Width: 6.35 mm

Lagringstype DV
Min side