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Rycote RYC104408 Vindhette SGM Foam 10cm 19-22mm Hole

Varenummer: 507760
Produktnummer: RYC104408
EAN: 5060223650289
inkl. mva.

The Shotgun Mic Foam is a discreet, slip-on foam windshield, designed to protect the microphone head against light wind and pop noise. Made of durable, high quality open-cell acoustic foam, these windshields offer up to 20 dB wind noise attenuation, whilst keeping high frequency loss to a minimum.

Engineered exclusively for, this high quality foam also provides excellent resistance against the damaging effects of moisture and UV light.

All our Shotgun Mic Foam Windshields can now also be fitted with an additional Foam Windjammer for a further 12 dB wind noise attenuation. 

Suitable for Microphones with slots no further than 10cm for the front of the mic and a diameter of 19-21mm.

Foam PPI:
Maximum wind-noise attenuation: 10dB

Min side