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Sennheiser EW-D PORTABLE 835 SET R4-9 Håndholdt intervju/vokal trådløssett

Varenummer: 512985
Produktnummer: EW-DP 835 SET (R4-9)
EAN: 4044155270532
inkl. mva.

Trådløst mikrofonkit i Sennheiser kvalitet med lang rekkevidde og høy dynamikk. Kameramottaker.

Product Overview
The gold standard in wireless audio for video has evolved
EW-DP is the digital successor of the G4 portable sets. It is a versatile and feature-rich system for videography, filmmaking, newsgathering and any other audio for video application in which reliability and simplicity are key.
• Intuitive user interface provides a stress-free experience
• Innovative and flexible mounting solutions seamlessly integrate into your workflow
• All the advantages of a digital UHF system in a compact portable package 

Feature Overview
• Fully digital UHF system designed for filmmaking & video applications
• Industry leading 134 dB dynamic range for distortion free transmission
• Integrated Bluetooth for synchronization and control
• Intelligent battery management provides operating time (hours:minutes)
• Extended battery life: up to 12h on transmitter, 7h on receiver
• Magnetic, stackable, and versatile mounting options 
• Up to 56 MHz bandwidth for flexibility in any RF environment
• Exceptionally low latency (1.9 ms)
• Plug-on transmitter: XLR & 3.5 mm inputs, +48V & recording via microSD
• External charging and powering via USB-C (receiver only)
• Smart Assist app for monitor & control

Portable digital wireless set. Includes (1)  EW-DP EK digital portable single channel receiver, (1) EW-D SKM digital handheld transmitter, (1) MMD 835 cardioid dynamic microphone module, (1) Mounting kit (cheeseplate, cold shoe, belt clip & screws), (1) BA 70 li-ion battery & (2) AA battery, (1) Locking 3.5 mm TRS plug to 3.5 mm TRS plug cable, (1) Locking 3.5 mm TRS plug to XLR plug cable and (1) USB-C charging cable

Leveransen består av:
• EW-DP EK digital portable single channel receiver
• EW-D SKM digital handheld transmitter
• MMD 835 dynamic, cardioid microphone module
• Mounting kit (cheeseplate, cold shoe, belt clip & screws)
• BA 70 li-ion battery & (2) AA battery
• Locking 3.5 mm TRS plug to 3.5 mm TRS plug cable
• Locking 3.5 mm TRS plug to XLR plug cable
• USB-C charging cable

Forsinkelse 2 mSekund
Frekvensområde 552-607,8 Mhz
Rekkevidde LOS 100.0 meter
Tilkobling Minijack
Farge Svart
UNSPSC 5.2161551E7
Min side