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Sennheiser MZC 30 kabel for hengemikrofon 9 meter

Varenummer: 506474
Produktnummer: MZC 30
EAN: 4006087050880
inkl. mva.

MZC 30 is a 9 m, non-twisted MZH 30 connection cable with special coaxial connector for aligning the ME 34 microphone head. The Product is available in black and white color. Finne en forhandler

The MZC 30 is a versatile long connecting cable (9 meter length) for use with ME 34, ME 35 and ME 36 microphone capsules. The ultra-thin (Ø1mm) cable is equipped with a balanced floating XLR-3M connector, enabling the microphone to be powered from 12 - 48V phantom power, and features a special coax socket for the microphone heads.


  • Ultra thin cable (9 meter length) with integrated cable spool

  • Tangle-free cable for ceiling hanging applications

  • Rugged cable for unobtrusive placement of ME 34, ME 35, ME 36 microphone capsules

Kabel Spesifikasjoner
Kontakt 1 XLR 3 Pin Male
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