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Sennheiser SL HANDHELD 865 DW-3-EU sender

Varenummer: 508542
Produktnummer: SL HANDHELD 865 DW-3-EU
inkl. mva.

The sleek but robust SL Handheld DW is optimized for speech in presentations or lectures where every word matters. Thanks to bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver, no settings need to be adjusted on the transmitter. The automatic frequency and interference management allows convenient and reliable operation. The LC display provides the link name, battery status and reception quality. The ergonomically positioned mute-slider makes the use of the microphone very convenient. The SL Handheld DW comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with external charging contacts - for easy charging with the CHG 2 - and a USB socket.


  • Automatic frequency and interference management

  • Speech optimized condenser microphone capsule

  • Clear and easy focused user interface

  • Long operation time (up to 15 hours)

  • Advanced power management and Li-Ion rechargeables

  • Secure 256 bit AES encryption

  • Remote controllable

Farge Svart
UNSPSC 5.2161551E7
Rekkevidde LOS 100.0 meter
Forsinkelse 19.0 mSekund
Frekvensområde 1900 Mhz
Min side