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Skaarhoj B4 LINK Ethernet til B4 Lens I/F for Blackmagic

Varenummer: 511505
Produktnummer: ETH-B4-LINK-V1
EAN: 5714074002451
inkl. mva.

Similar to SDI-B4 Link but the data input is via network instead of SDI. The protocol is also Blackmagic Camera Control, but over UDP (“UDP Camera Control”) and typically served by a SKAARHOJ controller. Has an incredibly light and compact form factor. With the SKAARHOJ ETH-B4 Link the iris control data is sent separately from the camera control data over ethernet instead of over SDI. The ETH-B4 Link has a camera selector switch that sets it’s camera ID filter as well as its IP address and the iris data it receives is output on the Hirose-12 connector. It also features a tally lamp (red/green) and a relay output (PGM tally out).
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