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Sony BCT-12HD HDCAM tape 12 MIN Small

Varenummer: 511129
Produktnummer: BCT-12HD
inkl. mva.


  • Setting a new standard in high-density recording with ultra-fine magnetic particles 50% smaller that used in Digital Betacam yielding crisp HD images
  • Developed for multi-generation operations
  • Outstanding archive potential using specially developed Alumina-silica protective layer for the magnetic particles
  • Distinctive HDCAM cassette design with bright orange anti-static lid

The Sony BCT-12HD/2 HDCAM Videocassette, Small incorporates advanced metal tape technology for use in an HDCAM format camcorder for 1080 high definition recordings. The development of this high performance metal tape enables high density recording with a wavelength of 0.49um. This tape has 12 minutes of recording time in 60i frame rate mode.

  • HDCAM high-density, high definition videocassette with 12 minutes of recording time in 60i frame rate mode
  • Advanced metal particle tape technology provides >45db carrier-to-noise ratio and low headwear for superb digital performance
  • Advanced Metal Tape Technology particles are 50% smaller than Digital Betacam to ensure stable record at HDCAM format's shortest wavelength of 0.49 m
  • Advanced Metal Tape Technology is used to increase high-density recording performance standards
  • Outstanding durability is achieved by using an alumina-silica tape protective layer
  • Special lubricant protects tape surface and maintains optimal contact with VCR heads
  • Rugged videocassette shell using high impact ABS plastics with distinctive orange color anti-static lid
General Characteristics
Master Carton Quantity (piece) 50
Master Carton Weight (kg) 15.4
Playing time (min) 12
Tape length (m) 78
Weight (g) 270
Magnetic Properties
Intrinsic coercivity (kA/m) 132
Retentivity (mT) 290
Squareness (Br/Bm) 0.83
Physical Properties
Thickness: backcoating (µm) 1.0
Thickness: base (µm) 10.0
Thickness: magnetic layer (µm) 3.0
Thickness: total (µm) 14.0
Width (mm) 12.65
Lagringstype Tape-HDCAM
Min side