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Tascam WS-86 Vindhette

Varenummer: 513148
Produktnummer: WS-86
EAN: 4907034134816
inkl. mva.

Vindhette for Tascam PortaCapture X6, X8 og DR- opptakere


- Windscreen for effective wind noise suppression while recording
- Artificial fur blocks even high wind gusts from the internal microphones
- Ideal for use with Portacapture X8 or Portacapture X6, also compatible with DR-07/DR-07X, DR-40/DR-40X, DR-44WL/DR-44WLB
- Can be used with the included microphones set to XY or AB position
- Dimensions (w × h × d): 110 mm × 100 mm × 110 mm
- Weight: 19 g

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