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Zeiss Compact Prime CP.3 135MM T2.1 PL

Varenummer: 511704
Produktnummer: 2184-933
EAN: 4047865905084
inkl. mva.

The ZEISS CP.3 lenses offer the perfect combination of high image quality and reliable usability. They exhibit the clean, crisp characteristics ZEISS is known for, together with an interchangeable mount system and full-frame coverage.

Clean and crisp ZEISS look which matches perfectly with other ZEISS cinema lenses
Color matching and covering full frame across the full range of focal lengths from 15 to 135 mm
Special lens coatings support high-dynamic range projects
The ZEISS CP.3 lenses are a professional toolset that simplifies your work on set. They are easy to handle, allow for fast changeover of equipment and give you great creative freedom to make your ideas come to life.

Standardized positioning of the focus rings and a consistent 95 mm front diameter allows for fast and easy changeover while on set
Extraordinarily smooth focus rotation even in extreme temperature conditions thanks to a new, sophisticated construction design
Consistent T-stops simplifies lighting on set and exposure compensations (T2.9 for 15 to 21 mm and T2.1 for 25 to 135 mm)
The compact and lightweight design enables you to use different stabilizing systems and to have a compact camera setup that is ideal for shooting in narrow spaces and for capturing dynamic shots.

The compact and light-weight design is ideal for handheld, gimbal, drone and Steadicam applications
Consistent size and weight across most of the focal lengths enables quick change of lenses when used on drones and gimbals
The ultra-smooth focus rotation allows use of small focus motors

Tekniske spesifikasjoner

Farge Sort
Blender blader 14
Fast brennvidde (mm) 135
Fokus type Manuell fokus
Bildestabilisering Nei
Lengde (mm) 126.5
Sensor format Full frame
Fatning PL-Mount
Største blender 2.1
Minste blender 22
Minste fokus (cm) 100
Vekt (gr) 1150
Foto / Video Video
Garanti (år) 2


Objektivfatning PL
Optikk vidvinkel i mm 135.0
Optikk Tele i mm 135.0
Zoom x 1.0
Objektivtype Teleoptikk
USNPSC 45121603
Min side