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Angelbird AVP1T0CFXA AV PRO 1TB CFexpress Type A Minnekort

Varenummer: 513103
Produktnummer: AVP1T0CFXA
EAN: 9120056586097
inkl. mva.

CFexpress Type A minnekort med 1TB lagring, passer for Sony Alpha, FX6 og FX3.

1 TB of CFexpress Type A Engineering Beyond Tough for Sony Cameras

Angelbird’s CFexpress Type A card is engineered for use with Sony Alpha and FX cameras, offering the highest capacity available in a single 1 TB option.
Get critical speed and performance for capturing lengthy, high-data rate video recording, stills, and burst photography in up to 8K RAW. Angelbird's Stable Stream™ technology supports steady and uninterrupted sustained write speeds of 650 MB/s maintained throughout the entire capacity of the card. Take on ambitious projects with high-speed recording that supports all available features and settings across Sony’s range of CFexpress Type A cameras including Sony α1, Sony α7 IV, Sony α7S III, Sony FX3, and the Sony FX6. The high-capacity AV PRO CFexpress Type A card supports 16-bit recording for a wider range of post-production editing options.

Key Features:

- Sustained write speed of 650 MB/s supports consistent quality recording at all available modes for long-duration video and burst photography on Sony Alpha and Sony FX cameras.
- Update card firmware with Angelbird CFexpress Type A Card Reader for ongoing camera compatibility and to maintain full features set of Angelbird CFexpress Type A cards.
- Stable Stream™ technology ensures stable, uninterrupted read/write performance maintained throughout the entire capacity of the card.
- Rock-solid build quality: Engineered beyond tough with protection against moisture, x-ray, magnets, shock, and dust. Operates at a minimal power drain from the host camera.
- Advanced Thermal Management protects card and content from the effects of overheating.
- Activate your product benefits within 30 days of purchase and receive 3-year limited warranty including individualized customer service, technical support and free data recovery service on hard- and software level provided by the Angelbird tech team in Austria.

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