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Haivision Quad-Cellink ekstern antenne med fire innebygde 4G modemer

Varenummer: 501818
Produktnummer: AW-QUA-CLK
inkl. mva.

Ekstern aktiv antenne med fire innebygde 4G modemer for Haivision/Aviwest serien sendere.

The QUAD CellLink integrates 4 latest generation 4G-LTE cellular modems with their SIM cards and inherits the innovative QUAD Antenna technology.

External cellular antenna array product line designed to dramatically increase cellular reception and transmission, bandwidth, and latency in heavily critical network conditions.

Combined with HAIVISION’s encoders/transmitter devices, the QUAD Series adds, extends and strengthens the transmission capacities over bonded cellular networks.

This agnostic solution can be combined with the HE4000, PRO4 Series, PRO3 SeriesRACK Series and AIR Series to add multiple cellular connectivity.


The Quad enables broadcasters to add cellular transmission and reception to their vehicle when mounted on its roof, the back of a motorbike, or a tripod. Ensure error-free transmission anywhere!

Strøm Strømadapter
Haivision AW-OT-MEU Modem 4G for Air og Pro-serien sendere

Ekstra modem for Haivison encodere, støtter 4G mobilnettet

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