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Haivision Air220 streamingenhet med to innebygde 4G modemer

Varenummer: 501711
Produktnummer: AW-DA220

Portabel videoencoder(h264) med to innebygde 4G modemer, WiFi og ethernet, som bonder disse for høy ytelse. Innebygget batteri.

Ultraportabel mobil sender med innebygget videoencoder og modemer for mobilnettet som revolusjonerer live videoproduksjon og kontribusjon over bondede IP nettverk.

Air220 modellen har følgende spesifikasjoner:

Innganger: HDMI og SDI - støtter oppløsninger opptil 1080p50
Utganger: HDMI og SDI - støtter oppløsninger opptil 1080p50
Innebygget H264 videoencoder som kan lage to samtidige strømmer for livestream og internt opptak til SD-minnekort.
Modemer: 2 stk 4G modemer
WiFi: 2,4 og 5Ghz støtter client og Access Point modus
Ethernet: Gbps tilkpobling med RJ45 kontakt
USB: 2 stk USB-A 3.0 for tilkobling av eksterne modemer eller minnepinne
Minnekort: SD-kortleser
Batteri: Utskiftbart LiIon batteri på 46Wh batteri som gir inntil 3 timer driftstid.
DC-inngang: 15V 
Strømforsyning: Ekstern strømforsyning 

A Revolution Ahead

The AIR Series is a range of powerful and mobile live video transmitters. Thanks to its 5G, 4G-LTE and 3G connectivity, the AIR Series enable professionals to broadcast HD videos from any location around the world, as well as web streaming to social networks.

Designed in a very compact ruggedized enclosure along with a long life internal rechargeable battery, the AIR Series can be carried in a dedicated pouch bag or simply clipped on your belt.




Live and Automatic Record

Premium quality live video broadcast over bonded IP networks: 3G/4G/5G, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks such as BGAN, GX and Ka Band.

Automatically and simultaneously record your live on a SD card at different resolution and bitrate to ensure the best video quality.

Video Return & Intercom

The AIR Series provides two-ways audio communication between the producer, production crews & on-air talent with no latency and through a seamless and robust intercom.

Directly watch on-air programs and receive teleprompting information coming from the studio on your AIR Series. Just connect a small display on the AIR HDMI output. No other configuration required. It’s plug and play.

Encoding and Internet Access Point

Perfectly flexible, the AIR Series can be used as a stand-alone video encoder or as a high-speed internet access point, using the Data Bridge feature.

Boost your connectivity on any device, anywhere!

Content Scrambling

Our AIR Series transmitters support AES with 256 bit key video encryption for preventing “Man-in-the-Middle” style hacking attacks. This feature is the perfect complement to our SST transmission technology in case of video delivery through public internet.

BeOnAIR, Broadcast-grade Live Streaming Solution

AVIWEST AIR220 is included in our BeOnAIR all-in-one package that offers a simple and robust solution to broadcast your Live on the move from anywhere to multiple on-line platforms. The BeOnAIR package is composed of our ultra-compact bonded cellular AIR220 transmitter, our industry-leading MOJOPRO mobile application, and an advanced cloud receiver and distribution gateway service.

Designed for Remote Production
  • Video return
  • Data Bridge
  • Bi-directional IFB Intercom
  • Camera Remote Control
  • Remote latency configuration
  • Multi-camera synchronization
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