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Cartoni KPTZ0201 LIFTO 25 Motorisert PTZ Søyle

Varenummer: 513004
Produktnummer: LIFTO25
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Nyhet! Sett med stativ og motorisert søyle for PTZ.

Cartoni Lifto 25 Motorized Elevation Column with remote control unit, SDS tripod, smart lock spreader, rubber feet
The Cartoni Lifto 25 motorized elevation column, specifically designed for PTZ cameras, adds extremely smooth on- air quality vertical moves and creativity to enhance productions. This solution adds to the Pan & Tilt, and zoom control, additional height movement as a natural feature. Lifto 25 offers broadcast quality performance and height range at a competitive price. 
The increasing need for robotics in small studios, newsrooms, talk shows, educational and houses of worship, make the Lifto 25 a must have in studio or for events. The easy and reliable control unit is connected via wire or optional Bluetooth. The manual control has 3 position pre-settings for fast routine repositioning. Lifto 25 Motorized Elevation Column performs great versatility in height range, from 60 cm minimum to 250 cm maximum. The motorized column offers a two stage, 70 cm stroke at 25 kg capacity.


- Motorized elevation column optimized for use with PTZ cameras
- Extremly silent elevation motor
- Height range 60 cm to 250 cm
- Maximum payload 25 kg
- Smart deployment tripod for great torsional rigidity and fast set-up
- Bluetooth & wired remote control unit
- 3 position pre-seetings for fast routine repositioning
- Built-in spreader and rubber feet
- Quick release camera attachment for PTZ cameras with camera safety ring
- Compact resin wheeled case for easy safe transportation
The special Cartoni SDS tripod structure ensures great stability and torsional rigidity to the column and allows accurate movements, including shots with wide angle aperture. The motor actuator is extremely silent and operates with no vibration. This PTZ System comes equipped with a built-in spreader and rubber feet, a quick release camera attachment for PTZ cameras and a safety ring to secure the camera. It can be mounted on the Cartoni lightweight dolly for easy travelling on the studio floor. The Lifto 25 unit will pack into a compact high quality wheeled case for easy transportation, availabe to order as an accessory.

Technical Data

- Weight: 11.8 kg
- Capacity: 25 kg
- Minimum Height: 60 cm
- Maximum Height: 250 cm
- Material: Aluminum
- Dimensions: φ 251 x 838 mm - φ 9.9 x 33 in cm
- Speed: 38 mm/s
- Column interface fixing method: Quick release camera plate
- Stroke: 700 mm
- Footprint diameter (minimum height): 1306 mm
- Input voltage: 24 V
- Dual voltage power supply: 100/240V 50/60Hz
- Maximum current consumption: 9 A
- Working temperature range: -10°C/+40°C 
- Storage temperature range: -20°C/+70°C 

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