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Black Box KVXHP-100 KVM Extender

Varenummer: 512529
Produktnummer: KVXHP-100
inkl. mva.

4K/60p KVM Extender for én monitor med DisplayPort og USB 2.0 og forbindelse over Kat5e/6/7 eller Fiber (SFP er tilleggsutstyr)

Key Features:
- Single-Head video at 4096x2160 @ 60Hz using 8 bits per color, 4:4:4 chroma sampling
- Point to point extension up 100m over CATx or 4km over fiber cable
- CATx or Fiber flexibility
- True USB emulation supports the most advanced keyboards and mice
- Intelligent EDID management reduces monitor compatibility issues
- Digital / Analog audio
- Includes local monitor ports at the Transmitter side (duplicate image)
- 4 x Tri-color connection status LEDs
- Dual or Quad-Head models also available
- Garanti: 2 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)

The KVXHP-100 is a high-performance KVMA (keyboard, video, mouse, audio) extender. Ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K60 video, USB 2.0, audio, and serial data are transmitted on a single CATx or fiber cable. Developed for enterprise organizations and high-pressure control rooms, it combines the simplicity of true plug-and-play and high-performance 4K KVM extension.

In a point-to-point configuration, this single-monitor KVM Extender enables you to locally use a DisplayPort monitor, USB keyboard/mouse/other devices, speaker and microphone to operate a remote computer, server, or other IT device.

High-resolution video in real-time
Using DisplayPort 1.2 KVXHP-100 supports single monitor setups with up to 4096x2160 @ 60Hz using 8 bits per color, 4:4:4 Chroma sampling. With its intelligent EDID management the true monitor characteristics are passed back to the computer ensuring the optimum image quality supported by the display-

Emulated USB 2.0
Connects to full- and low-speed USB 2.0/HID devices, including keyboards, mice, graphics tablets, and joysticks.

Flexible choice of media
Whether your requirements to connect the transmitter and receiver unit are CATx or fiber networking cables, KVXHP is equipped to handle both interfaces providing a single solution for all use cases. KVXHP support an extension range of 100m using copper cables, if you select the fiber connectivity, order two SFPs separately depending on your fiber mode and distance needs. A maximum of 4 kilometers is supported over fiber.

Digital and analog Audio
KVXHP supports directional audio ( 24-bit sampled at 96kHz) connect your microphone and speakers/Headset. For digital video, the extender encapsulates up to eight channels of 24-bit, 192kHz sampled “Pulse-code modulation” (PCM) uncompressed audio integrated with the video signal or up to wo channels of 24-bit, 96kHz sampled PCM audio integrated with USB.

Serial Communication
Use KVXP also with serial RS232-devices such as terminals and scanners. RS232 is supported with a maximum baud rate of 115 Kbps with RTS/CTS flow control.

19" Rackmount Option
The optional rackmount tray (KVXHP-RMK) holds up to two KVX-HP extender units for quick mounting into any 19" rack and leaves enough space to hold the power supplies and cable management. To concentrate multiple KVM extensions in your rack, use our Central Power Hub solution (ACR1000-CPH8R-R2/ ACR1000-CPH16R-R2) for a clutter-free, space-saving installation in 1RU. The hub powers up to eight or sixteen 12VDC devices replacing multiple single power supplies.

Dual-head models for two monitor connections or quad-head models with support for four DisplayPort monitors are also available.

Black Box KVXHD-200 KVM Extender

4K/60p KVM Extender for to monitorer med DisplayPort og USB 2.0 og forbindelse over Kat5e/6/7 eller Fiber (SFP er tilleggsutstyr)

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