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Angelbird MEDIA-BANK-SD2 Aluminiumsetui for SD-kort

Varenummer: 513104
Produktnummer: MEDIA-TANK-SD2
inkl. mva.

Robust og sikkert etui i aluminium for lagring og transport av SD-kort

Secure Storage and Protection for Memory Cards Angelbird´s hard-aluminum case is designed for storing and transporting up to 4 memory cards.

- Media Tank memory card case is splash-resistant, shock- and dustproof, providing durable protection for your essential gear.
- Precision-cut foam inserts for individual card formats provide a firm hold for rattle-free protection against scratching, bending, or breaking of sensitive card components.
- Durable Lock-Solid™ locking mechanism keeps the case confidently shut, protecting valuable data and preventing accidental case opening.
- Pocket-sized, lightweight case slides easily into a camera bag or back pocket, while the bright yellow color makes it easy to find.

Angelbird´s Media Tank comes with a durable Lock-Solid™ secure locking mechanism that prevents accidental case opening.

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