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Roland P-20HD Instant Video Replayer

Varenummer: 512376
Produktnummer: P-20HD
EAN: 4957054516840
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Intuitiv og budsjettvennlig løsning for øyeblikkelig slow-motion og replay for enhver live-produksjon

Transform Sports Production 

Until now, creating slow-motion instant replays in live sports productions has required an arsenal of complicated and expensive gear - and the knowledge to run it all. Roland’s P-20HD changes all that, providing an affordable and easy-to-use solution that lets you bring pro replay capabilities to any production setup. Offering seamless integration with most Roland A/V switchers and HDMI camcorders and cameras, the P-20HD transforms everyday sports video productions into edge-of-seat fan experiences.

Key Features

- Slow-motion instant replay and variable speed playback
- Intuitive controls for single-operator sports production
- Simultaneous recording and playback
- Clip playlist builder for creating highlight reels
- Integrated color LCD for preview monitoring
- Capture long events to low cost and widely available SD cards
- Compact, portable, and reliable hardware design
- Ideal for school sports, esports, and sports training 


Take Local Sports Production to the Next Level
When watching a sporting event live or on a broadcast stream, today’s audiences expect the high production values they see when watching pro teams on network TV. With the P-20HD, adding the magic of instant replay to your workflow has never been more simple and affordable. Using intuitive controls and the integrated color LCD, you can easily cue up replays of important action to let fans relive the moment, either on your streaming feed or live event screens - or both at once. 

Record and Replay at the Same Time
The P-20HD records directly to high-capacity SD cards, which are widely available and easy to swap out. And as you cue up and replay clips, the game keeps recording in the background, with no gaps in the action. 

Plays Well with Others
The P-20HD can be seamlessly inserted into a variety of workflows. Use it on its own, or upstream or downstream of any Roland video switcher. Connect two cameras and switch/composite between sources to capture them for replay. Both HDMI inputs feature built-in scalers, providing worry-free connectivity with nearly any video source. 

One Person Operation
A pro sports network broadcast has a dedicated team that handles replay duties. With the P-20HD, a single operator can easily mark, cue, and replay clips while managing other elements of a production. Simply register events as clips with button taps while recording, and then instantly play them back with dedicated panel switches. 

Built-In Preview Monitor
With its onboard color display, the P-20HD makes it simple to manage and execute your workflow in real time. In recording view, the screen shows the current video input, plus critical SD card information like recording duration, remaining storage space, and available time. And in playback view, you can display cropped previews of all video clips for live replay or compilation into playlists.

Direct-Access Controls
Filled with single-task hardware controls, the P-20HD provides a hands-on experience that lets you get the job done with zero frustration. Dedicated transport buttons include play, pause, forward, rewind, mark in, and mark out. A jog/shuttle wheel with optical encoding provides precise, fluid control to scrub clips for replay and editing, while the T-bar lets you adjust playback speed. Engaging the Speed Range function provides ultra-fine control, perfect for focusing in on tight action and contested plays. 

Create Highlight and Training Reels
After the action’s over, use the media playlist builder to aggregate clips into curated pro videos, ready for distribution and sharing on your favorite platform. Celebrate the best moments of a game on social media, or distribute practice and training sessions to coaches and players for further evaluation. 

Superb Audio Quality
The P-20HD features the high-quality sound processing that Roland is famous for. Stereo audio I/O is supported via embedded HDMI and analog RCA jacks, and there’s a convenient headphones jack for signal monitoring. Onboard EQ, limiter, and delay effects are also available to enhance the sound and eliminate audio and video sync issues.

Universal File Compatibility
The P-20HD records natively in H.264*, one of the most universally supported file formats available. H.264 maintains high quality even at low bit rates, providing excellent video at reduced file sizes. All of the most popular online video platforms accept H.264 format, letting you upload files created on the P-20HD with no conversion steps in-between.
*For maximum recording stability, the P-20HD automatically divides the recording file every three minutes.

A Winning Workflow Combination
Pairing the P-20HD with the advanced Roland V-60HD video switcher creates a complete broadcast switching and playback solution that’s ready to handle most any local production. Using one of the V-60HD’s HDMI outputs, you can route any input source—including SDI—to the P-20HD for recording and instant replay.

A Growing Investment
The P-20HD is ready with the most-requested instant replay features today and a roadmap for future capabilities that include:
- Annotation
- RS-232/LAN support
- Control via external footswitches
- File import/export
- Multimedia playback, including still images, videos, and music jingles
- Live annotation and drawing overlay via a connected tablet device and stylus
- And more!


The P-20HD helps you keeps audiences engaged with modern production values, bringing more interest and support to your athletic programs. And thanks to its intuitive interface, anyone can run the P-20HD with a minimal learning curve. During any game, the operator can instantly replay the last action in forward, reverse, or slow motion, step through plays frame by frame, and even freeze the action at key moments. 

With its integrated recording and instant playback capabilities, the P-20HD is perfect for esports broadcasting and livestreaming. The standalone hardware design provides dedicated processing, conserving computer GPU resources for competitive gameplay.

Coaching and Training
The P-20HD gives coaches and trainers a powerful and efficient solution to build skills, analyze plays, and develop strategy, helping athletes and performers be perfect when it matters most.

Tilkobling HDMI
Strøm AC100V-240V 50/60Hz, 12V
Min side