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Sennheiser SL RACK RECEIVER DW-3-EU mottaker

Varenummer: 503621
Produktnummer: DW-3-EU
inkl. mva.

The half 19" stationary SL Rack Receiver DW is the easy-to-integrate core of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless System. It features a clear visible OLED display for easy setup and operation. Thanks to the bi-directional communication all settings of the mobile transmitters can be adjusted from the receiver side. The automatic frequency and interference management allows convenient and reliable operation. Thanks to the easy-to-handle pairing process, the transmitter and receiver are securely linked. Via network integration all settings and statuses are also accessible via AMX/Crestron media control protocol and the dedicated Sennheiser iOS Apps. The antennas can be either back or front-mounted.
Furthermore, extension cables for wall mounting are available.


  • Automatic frequency and interference management

  • Speech optimized automatics and sound profiles

  • Clear and easy focused user interface with OLED display

  • Ethernet connectivity (IPv4 and IPv6)

  • Media control protocol integration

  • Secure 256 bit AES encryption

  • Remote controllable

  • Quick setup pairing process

Farge Svart
USNPSC 5.2161551E7
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