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Varizoom VZ-ROCK Kamerakontroll Zoom - Focus - Iris

Varenummer: 509657
Produktnummer: VZ-ROCK
EAN: 877038000612
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Our most popular LANC unit offers the finest degree of control and a complete feature set. With its wide-sweep zoom rocker, the VZ-Rock combines the attributes of broadcast controls with a compact, affordable design. This video camera remote control includes zoom, record, focus, LED indicator, Auto/Manual focus switch*, onscreen data toggle*, iris F+/F- *, and standby control*. Compatible with camcorders that include a LANC-type 2.5mm remote port – includes many Sony, Canon, and JVC camcorders, Black Magic w/ powered zoom lens, and Panasonic AG-CX10, HC-X2000, HC-X1500, AG-CX350, & AU-EVA1.

* feature not available on all camera models

Zoom and focus control for Sony, Canon, JVC and Panasonic  AG-CX10, HC-X2000, HC-X1500, AG-CX350, & AU-EVA1 cameras. The LANC zoom control for Sony, Canon, JVC and Panasonic has all the features and convenience of the Stealth-LX, but utilizes a pressure-sensitive, side-to-side rocker switch like broadcast lens controls. This rocker has a greater range of motion for a finer degree of zoom control. This is our most popular controller of all time for a good reason. The VariZoom VZROCK offers more features than any affordable unit on the market in a compact package with intuitive ergonomics, and it is compatible with hundreds of cameras.

  • Wide-sweep variable rocker for smooth, sustainable zooms
  • Dedicated “rocker style” focus button
  • Low profile record/pause button
  • LED light indicates recording and low battery power
  • Power On/Off button for toggling camera into or out of standby mode*
  • Switch between auto and manual focus with the ‘A’ button*
  • Toggle onscreen information (tape time, settings) on and off with ‘Data’ button*
  • Iris control (F+/F-) *
  • * these features only work with some cameras that have them enabled in their software


The VZROCK zoom and focus control has been in production since 2003 and has an impressive track record in the field. Every unit is tested with a real camera and we back it up with a 2-year no-nonsense warranty. Shooters around the world rely on the VariZoom VZROCK to give them remote control of their camera on tripods, jibs, camera towers, shoulder supports and more. We also sell extension cords in 4 different lengths and converter cables for cameras that do not have a direct 2.5mm LANC port.

VariZoom is the world’s largest manufacturer of lens controls with the widest variety of controls offered anywhere. Our LANC zoom lens controls are used by CNN, CSPAN, National Geographic Society, Nickelodeon and many other professionals. Get a VariZoom on your handle, you’ll be glad you did!

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