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Decimator DMON-16S Multiviewer 16 kanaler

Varenummer: 503460
Produktnummer: DMON-16S
inkl. mva.

  • Support for both 3G level A and B on the input and output. Allowing conversion between 3G level A and B.

  • Low cost miniature (3G/HD/SD)-SDI 1 to 16 channel Multi-Viewer or 16 to 1 input multiplexer

  • Custom Layouts with various standard layouts

  • 16 Character UMD overlay per window with individual enables, custom positioning and size

  • 8 Channel Audio Metering overlay per window with individual enables, custom positioning and size

  • Safe Action and Safe Title overlay per window with individual enables and adjustment

  • Centre Cross overlay per window with individual enable

  • Audio ID overlay

  • Tallies can be applied to either Tally Boxes (Default), Outside Safe Action Area or Border

  • Tally boxes allows for up to 4 Tallies per window (Green, Red, Blue and Yellow)

  • Load and restore Custom Layouts

  • Fast switching between inputs using Full-Screen scaling

  • Selectable output format in both Full-Screen and Multi-Viewer mode

  • Low latency buffering for each input allowing non-synchronous inputs

  • Linked (3G/HD/SD)-SDI and HDMI outputs

  • 16 x (3G/HD/SD)-SDI inputs with auto detection (26 Formats supported in total)

  • Each window is independent of the others, allowing any 3G/HD/SD format of any frame rate to be displayed simultaneously

  • Variable aspect ratios per window

  • Pass-Through mode allowing any of the 16 inputs to be selected and routed to both the (3G/HD/SD)-SDI and HDMI outputs

  • The DMON-16S is a truly portable converter, that incorporates our new easy to use LCD and button control system. This gives you easy access to most of the amazing features without using complicated LED/button control, dip switches or having to carry around a computer to change a simple setting.

  • This unit also includes:

  • 32 GPI on 37-pin D-SUB connector for Tallies and Remote Switching

  • RS422/485 on 37-pin D-SUB connector for Dynamic UMD and Tallies via TSL protocol

  • USB port for control and firmware updates

  • Heavy duty metal box

  • Metal Thread Locking DC Power Socket

  • Power Supply, HDMI Cable and USB Cable


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