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Vizrt TriCaster Mini X HDMI Videomikser

Varenummer: 511591
Produktnummer: TCMXHDMI
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NDI Videomikser - 8 kanaler med 4 HDMI innganger

TriCaster® Mini X

Making professional video production possible for all - the Mini X gives producers at any level the freedom to create and share video wherever and whenever they want using anything from a smartphone to a 4K camera – truly demonstrating the power of software defined visual storytelling.


Storytellers should be able concentrate on telling the story and the Mini X has everything needed for
producers to do that, right at their desk. Video switching, media playback, virtual sets, ability to add
graphics, record, stream, and much more. TriCaster Mini X brings the possibilities of professional
live video production to anyone with a story to tell – without vast investments in infrastructure.


New producers or businesses that want to step-up their productions can use all their existing
devices to tell their stories using the TriCaster Mini X. From cameras to microphones, off-theshelf
HDMI devices connect directly to the powerful Mini X in minutes to create professional
level productions – without having to purchase any new equipment.


As part of the Vizrt ecosystem of products, users can take advantage of the many ways
to scale-up their productions to suit any need. Built with NDI at its core, the Mini X is an easy
to use, yet scalable solution that can be simplified or expanded, as necessary - even by
using Spark I/O Converter – offering limitless possibilities.

Live Link

Live Link is an all-new feature that brings the power of the internet directly into TriCaster – offering the ultimate in production freedom. Users can pull any web page elements into a production without
third party applications. From graphics or images to videos from your organization’s internal training

Tilkobling HDMI
Strøm 230V
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